The Personalized Packing Tape Will Give You Security You Need In Your Packages

The packing tape is probably one of the adhesive tapes that we are most used to seeing. However, there is a wide variety with different uses; it is good to know each one of them to choose the most suitable packaging solution at all times.

People use this tape for closing boxes; it allows us to secure loads, preventing boxes from opening, and leaving the merchandise uncovered.

What should you take into account when choosing a packing tape?

  • The transport time of the merchandise
  • Temperature and humidity.
  • Weight of the load

Currently, there are plenty of adhesive packaging solutions on the market; among them, we can find:

Use The Packing Tape To Keep Your Package Sealed

If you want to protect your shipping package at all costs, then packing tape should be your priority. With this tape, you will keep your package very well sealed and will resist all the travel time. The adhesive material is very good and molds almost all surfaces.

Use the PVC tape to have greater resistance to humidity and shocks that the package may suffer in its shipment. Adhesive tapes are a very resistant type of packing tape, and both tapes are transparent and highly elastic; they will suffer all kinds of knocks on the shipment while their package remains intact.

The tapes support very heavy loads and shipments, their adhesive molds to the surface, and the more pressure it has, the more it adheres. Packaging tapes are also brown and have the same strength as their transparent presentation. They can cover your package from end to end and are very easy to remove when opening.

Use the packing tape to transport large packages or those requiring a seal at all hours of travel. Consider the favor of humidity to choose this type of tape; it will be very useful if it rains. The weight of the package is also a key to use the tape; it supports up to 20 kg.

These types of tapes are perfect for your shipments; its transparent or brown design will give the support that your packages need. You can buy them in any construction or hardware store; their use is extensive, practical, and high quality.

The Shipping Tape Is Very Good To Use In Small Packages

If your goal is to make a shipment or move, use the shipping tape. With this tape, you will keep your package protected, and it maintains the package presentation while sealing it completely; you cannot miss these two functions in one.

To differentiate a shipping tape to the packaging tape or other types, you have to see its size. The tape diameter does not exceed 2.5cm, it is transparent in color, and its presentation is tiny. You can use the tape to seal small packages with delicate items like jewelry, glass, or food.

It has very good resistance, although it is affected by exposing it to moisture for a long time. It is elastic, but with light loads that do not exceed 7kg, its use is for very fragile things. You can also use this tape for wrap gifts as it is a very delicate material and does not cover much space.

The adhesive molds very well to wooden surfaces, cardboard, kraft paper, wrapping paper, among other materials. People seal many letters with this tape; it is very good for this delicate and tiny packaging. Its use is very clean; it does not require a lot of adhesives to give a good seal.

Acquire the tape in any stationery; it is very popular in the educational area to stick posters on the walls. Its price is affordable, and it has a good amount of meters available, it does not break easily. Use it for many things around the house or to pack your smallest packages that do not require a rustic seal.

Have A Good Thickness With The Box Tape

The box tape has a good thickness in its adhesive to have the greatest possible space in the box. With this tape, your package will be too protected; its seal is 100%. The tape is transparent, although you can ask for a redesign to put your name or company name.

This is the best packing tape; it is very similar to the packing tape except that it is twice as thick. With the improved thickness, it will exceed incredible weights in the package, increasing from 20kg to 35kg in a shipping package. It adheres very well to the surface of the packaging box, while on other surfaces, it presents problems.

Box tape is special for packaging, its protection is the highest, and people use it in large packages. It is not very elastic, but it adheres a lot to the surface of the box, providing a complete seal. Also, it is resistant to water, sun, snow, and its bonding time exceeds 72 hours, useful for remote shipments.

PVC is the predominant material in the tape; it has a thickness of 1.2 millimeters, double the packing tape. It only has its transparent presentation with a somewhat opaque color due to the thickness of the tape. It does not fit very well in small boxes; its adhesive comes off easily on small surfaces.

Be securely packed in televisions, microwaves, computers, fans, air conditioners, or large objects. It will give you the necessary security to move from one place to another, all these objects that need gigantic packaging for hours.

Identify Your Fragile Packages With The Printed Tape

For when you decide to move, use different types of tapes to identify your heavy objects to the fragile ones. The printed tape allows you to separate the two objects and, in turn, seals them very well. Many shipping companies have it available, while others must buy it to prevent their objects from mixing.

One of the most used warning tapes is the "fragile" one where the packaging of that box contains glass, plates, etc. The use of this tape also applies to ultra-large televisions and very delicate costs or air conditioners. You must identify these packages so that your move is effective, and the order of deposit is effective for the objects.

The printed tape can also warn of very heavy objects that require large personnel to carry. People can use it on furniture, kitchen tables, beds, mattresses, or various properly packaged objects. The ribbon has many uses, but you choose the right one for each of your packages.

The printing ribbon is seen a lot as part of the sealing of a specific company; instead of "fragile," it has its name. This is to verify that that specific company covers the security of your package. It is a great marketing option where, for every successful shipment, the motivation to rehire is secure.

The printing ribbon presentation is varied and has three types of adhesives for you: Solvent, melt, and acrylic. You can buy them with a transparent design or with colors; the most common are those that say "fragile."

Get A More Accurate Order On Your Things With The Coloured Packaging Tape

The colored packaging tape gives you an incredible order among your things to send or move out. If you are planning to change your address, please correctly order your packages. With the colored ribbon, you will have everything in order, and you will know the contents of each box without even opening it.

It is stressful looking for a glass or your intimate clothes in the middle of so many moving boxes; the colored tape will help you. Having ordered before moving, you will manage to pack your personal, work, and kitchen things in different identified boxes. This will save you a lot of time and headaches by not opening as many boxes to find a plate.

The adhesive of the colored tape is very good, very similar to the other adhesive tapes, but they are not as thick. The colored packaging tape is available in red, yellow, green, and blue. The colors are striking and do not get lost in the rain, snow, or sun; they keep your box well sealed.

It has a special use to wrap birthday gifts or packaging strategy. Without a doubt, each package sealed with these tapes is unique. It stands out above another packaging. They are very easy to obtain ribbons, but with a high value, you can find them in stationeries.

They are made of PVC, and others are acrylic. They are both very resistant and carry an average weight of 8kg. The adhesive is very good and does not come off the box or wrapping paper due to natural factors such as rain or snow.

Use Masking Tape As The Best Tool For Your Move

Please do not confuse the polypropylene masking tape with the PVC packaging tape, they look alike, but their duration is different. Adhesive tape is one of the most traditional tapes to join things; you can get them anywhere. People trust him because it lasts a long time, stretches enough, and resists water.

In a move, this infallible tool should not be missing; you can use it for large, small, and medium packages without any problem. It has good torsion, resists up to 360 degrees, and remains attached to the area without complications. You can buy the adhesive tape is almost anywhere, you must have one at home, it will be very useful.

For removals, the masking tape is the best tool; it gives an incredible and clean seal to your package. The tape is transparent like PVC, but it is lighter and has better adhesive to the cardboard. With better molding to cardboard, plastic, wood, copper, fabric, among other things, the adhesive tape gains the greatest functionality.

The transparency will give elegance to your packages; the adhesive will be almost invisible to the naked eye. The thickness of its adhesive is 4.8 millimeters, and for each tape, you will get 132 meters to join almost anything. It has a lot of tapes to use, it doesn't expire easily, and it sticks to the area for more than 90 hours.

The size is useful for the "sealer" or tool that helps attach almost any type of plastic tape. Wrap gift packages with duct tape to make the entire surface clean, and enjoy a very stylish package.