Packaging Ideas for Developing a Business Personality

05-Jun-2020, By Admin, Blog

A business personality is a set of human characteristics that can be attributed to individual brands. Customers are more likely to purchase a brand if its personality is similar to their own.

In turn, developing a good business personality is essential to the branding efforts of a company. Businesses can successfully increase their brand’s equity and loyalty by staying consistent with their target consumer segment.

On an annual basis, major brands and businesses allocate an incredible amount of money in hopes of staying consistent and relatable in the minds of their customers. So how can small to mid-sized businesses stand a chance and successfully build long-lasting customer relationships without overspending? The answer to this question lies in your packaging!

Aside from its protective and functional properties, packaging plays a critical role in developing a business’s personality. Here are a few packaging ideas that can be used to help you develop your business personality…

Opt for a Handmade Look

Packaging which gives off a “handmade” look is great for businesses that offer custom, gourmet or specialty products.

With an appropriate use of font, materials, textures, design functionality and accessories, a handmade look can be achieved.

Consider using calligraphic fonts, custom die-cut windows, Kraft materials, twine or ribbon and thank you cards. This way you can expect that your customers will be more likely to be drawn into packaging that feels more personalized.

In turn, you can give the feeling that the product itself is authentic and original as well.

In developing a creative business personality, be sure to incorporate a handmade look for your packaging. Consider incorporating art and personalizing your labels!

Personalized packaging can also convey that the creators of the brand are creative, and hardworking to its customers. These qualities can help to develop a business personality that is overall very sincere and thoughtful.

Take a Sustainable Approach

Nowadays, the majority of customers recognize that their purchasing decisions have a direct impact on the environment. As a result, many buyers try to find similar values within businesses as well.

There’s a greater respect for companies that make conscious efforts towards the environment. Their focus on being eco-conscious makes them highly competent and influential because they can be active leaders in their community for being socially responsible.

With the use of sustainable materials that are organic, recyclable, biodegradable, low in waste or reusable, you can successfully send an environmentally positive message about your brand.

Packaging ideas for this type of brand include using Kraft paper bags and corrugated boxes as they’re 100% recyclable, or non-woven reusable bags for their excellent protective properties. You can even take it a step further and consider using hemp, cotton and canvas bags for an added touch of luxury.


Reusable bags are a great way to incorporate sustainability within your business.

If you’re currently using labels and packing inserts as a part of your packaging design, there are many alternatives to paper that are readily available in the market. These alternatives include wild grass paper, mulberry paper and hemp paper labels which offer the same level of quality.

Overall, taking a sustainable approach not only benefits the environment, but can help many businesses develop long-lasting relationships with their customers. Businesses that are eco-conscious can ensure that their customers feel good about all their purchasing decisions while actively raising awareness for greener business practices.

Use Surprising Shapes and Materials

For businesses that would like to brand themselves to be exciting, they rely on being playful and free-spirited, but also imaginative.

To achieve these traits, you can use spontaneous shapes within your packaging design. Shapes have a very strong influence on people’s perception of value and can help you stand out from your competitors.

For example, Hanger Tea is one of the many tea suppliers in the industry. Nevertheless, it takes the traditional tea bag and makes its fun and creative for all its users. Rather than using a rectangular tea bag, it’s designed to look like a t-shirt on a hanger.


It’s such a simple design but with It’s a great use of shape, it allows the customers to enjoy their tea, as the bag can hang off the side of any cup!


Incorporate Fun Messages

Another way companies can invent a playful personality is through fun and quirky messages. You can simply add these messages into any packaging design! As a result, this will have your customers engage more actively with your brand.

Successful companies that are known to use this style of packing include Snapple, Honest Tea and even the Magic Hat Brewery.

Honest Tea prints inspirational quotes, while Snapple shows off their smarts with “Real Facts.”

Over the years, these messages have helped increase the fan following of both the companies. In turn, this has led to the creation of dedicated blogs to multiple Pinterest pages.

Keep It Classy

Brand sophistication is also one of most popular ways a business can develop its personality. This personality depends on being charming, refined, elegant, and poise.

Therefore, a great way to attract high-end consumers is through the use of rigid boxes.

Rigid boxes are versatile and have many uses across several luxury industries. Some examples include Apple’s iPhone packaging, cosmetics and gourmet chocolates.

A sophisticated brand personality can be achieved through the use of rigid boxes.

When you opt for a rigid box, you can also add features and finishings to ensure that your packaging is the first thing your customers see. Examples include: matte and glossy lamination, embossing, and magnetic closures.

In addition, you can use personalized messages inserts, ribbons and tissue paper to present a charming package!

What Are My Next Steps?

To sum up, creating a brand personality is essential to creating brand equity and loyalty. In turn, It heavily depends on the bond between the business and its consumers based on the traits and values that are relatable.

Nevertheless, the challenge remains in deciding how you want your business to be and how to tell your story.

Thus, with the help of our in-house design specialists, LeKAC Sourcing can guide you in finding the best personality for you through our one stop shop custom packaging solutions!

Contact us today for a free consultation to get started on developing your brand’s personality!